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The Europe Program produces forward-looking analyses on transatlantic relations, the process of European integration, and political developments in individual countries across Europe.


Europe is the United States’ strongest partner in addressing a wide range of global issues from public health to counterterrorism. The CSIS Europe Program is committed to improving the U.S.-European relationship by providing timely analysis of European policies and forums for experts and government officials to discuss issues of shared interest.

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The CSIS Europe Program hosts regular discussions with leading U.S., NATO, and EU experts and officials on the political, economic, and security dimensions of the U.S.-European relationship. The program also undertakes longer-term, in-depth studies of specific topics that significantly impact relations between Europe and the United States, as well as those between the transatlantic partners and the world at large.

The program’s work and activities are organized around the following major areas:

  • Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, left, receives the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan guidon from Gen. Stanley McChrystal Photo by flickr user "The U.S. Army"

    The Europe Program provides analysis and policy recommendations on issues challenging 21st-century transatlantic security.

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    The Europe Program provides new analysis and policy recommendations on the growing geopolitical and strategic challenges of the Arctic.

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    The Europe program hosts a series of bilateral dialogues between the United States and its European partners.

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    Creating an enduring consultative mechanism for EU-U.S. cooperation in the Asia Pacific.

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    The Europe Program monitors developments in European security and foreign assistance capabilities in the wake of the financial crisis and new austerity measures.

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    The Europe Program monitors developments in the foreign policies of European countries and the European Union as they take shape following the structural changes of the Lisbon Treaty.

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    The Europe Program monitors issues surrounding EU enlargement and European integration from a European perspective.

  • Headlines in Europe

    The Europe Program provides a timely outlook on internal European developments to keep up with rapid changes in a constantly evolving world.

  • New European Democracies Project

    The New European Democracies Project seeks to help the states of Central and Eastern Europe achieve their economic potential and strengthen their relations with the Unites States and the region.

  • The CSIS Europe Program and its related scholars have been engaged in a wide range of European and transatlantic focused projects.


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