Global Food Security Project

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Provides research, analysis, and policy recommendations that can effectively enhance global food security.


In a time when agriculture is an increasingly important factor in international affairs, CSIS created a program dedicated to providing research, analysis and policy recommendations that can effectively enhance global food security. In 2050, the global population is anticipated to top 9 billion people and food supply will need to more than double – under increasingly tight land and water constraints.  In recent years, the world has seen a surge of food price volatility, limiting both access to and availability of food, especially staple items upon which much of the world’s poor depend. In 2008, 40 countries experienced riots and protests because of high food prices. The number of people living with chronic hunger is roughly one sixth of the world’s population and shows no signs of abating. Meanwhile, obesity is on the rise in developed and developing countries, alike. The key challenges will continue to be finding ways to increase production with fewer resources, and improve access to food. 

The CSIS Global Food Security Project aims to increase the level of dialogue surrounding challenges to food security and help develop both the policy solutions and political will to address them. We engage leading thinkers from the U.S. and foreign governments, Congress, the private sector, academia, and the NGO communities in our efforts. Our work emphasizes the importance of achieving long-term global food security through investing in agricultural research and development to increase agricultural productivity, especially in developing countries; engaging the private sector in agribusiness development opportunities; and creating favorable trade and investment climates to improve global access to food.


Some of the Global Food Security Project initiatives include:


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