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Europe Program
Scientist placing marker in ice. © Kite

The Europe Program provides new analysis and policy recommendations on the growing geopolitical and strategic challenges of the Arctic.

Overview Presentation

Above is presentation originally prepared for the CSIS Global Security Forum to provide background on CSIS' work on the arctic.


Climate change and technological advancement have created greater accessibility to the Arctic region and its abundant resources, presenting new opportunities for multilateral cooperation but also the potential for regional competition and even conflict. The CSIS Europe Program monitors developments in the Arctic and provides policy recommendations to decision makers in the United States and Europe.


In addition to its regular Arctic-focused research and analysis, the CSIS Europe Program conducts project-specific research. Current work includes:

Geopolitics of the High North
In efforts to assess the new challenges posed by Arctic accessibility, CSIS is engaged in a five-year collaborative research project with a consortium of international think tanks and scholars, in which scholars and experts examine how a range of factors, most notably great power interests, affect the potential for cooperation on conflict in the High North and in the Arctic in general.

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To learn more about this project, please visit the official web site of the Geopolitics in the High North research program.

This project is generously funded by the Research Council of Norway.


  • photo courtest of USCG

    A three-part video series examining different aspects of the United States Coast Guard's activities in the American Arctic.  

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