Global Health Policy Center

CSIS' Global Health Policy Center (GHPC) is a leading policy research institution focused on building bipartisan awareness about global health and its importance to U.S. national security.


The Global Health Policy Center's goal is to work with diverse stakeholders to make U.S. global health efforts more strategic, integrated, and sustainable over the long-term.  The Center has played a key role in shaping successful U.S. global health efforts over the last decade by working directly with policymakers, partnering with developing country experts, and convening influential, high-level working groups like the HIV/AIDS Task Force and the Commission on Smart Global Health Policy. 

Across the entire spectrum of the Center's work, there is a common goal of generating new content and analyses in a bipartisan fashion to shape U.S. policy approaches on global health.  The Center conducts ongoing research on multiple facets of U.S. global health policy and brings policymakers to CSIS for in-depth discussions on global health engagement.

The Global Health Policy Center is also helping broaden the community of supporters for global health with interactive content at its website,  The website aims to act as a forum for engagement as well as a forum for new and exciting voices in the field of health and development. We encourage you to join the conversation.

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Program Components

  • Fault Lines in Global Health intends to generate an informed, civil, bipartisan, and open airing of opinion on critical global health controversies.

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    Examining China’s healthcare policies and its implications for U.S.-China relations and global health policy. 

  • is the website of CSIS' Global Health Policy Center.  It aims to broaden broaden and engage the community of supporters for global health.

  • The CSIS Global Health Policy Center focuses on vaccines as instruments of U.S. global leadership in pursuit of security and economic interests at home and abroad.

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    The CSIS Global Health Interview Series is a weekly audio podcast of 4-7 minute segments featuring leading voices in the field of public health.

  • Commission Chairs Adm Bill Fallon and Helene Gayle

    The CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy developed actionable recommendations for a long-term, strategic U.S. approach to global health

  • TB is a major global health public health emergency.  

  • CSIS' Global Health as a Bridge to Security aims to explore the nexus between health and security by collecting personal stories of a selection of our nation's leading military and global health professionals.

  • Global Health Policy in the Second Obama Term

    This volume analyzes seven important dimensions of a complex, widening U.S. global health agenda: HIV/AIDS; malaria; polio eradication; women’s health; health security; health diplomacy; and multilateral partners.

  • In the months leading up to the September 2011 UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases, CSIS' Global Health Policy Center is hosting a series of speakers on global chronic disease.

  • The World Affairs Council of Atlanta, CARE USA, and CSIS launched a vision statement, "The Atlanta Declaration," on how the U.S., even in the midst of fiscal austerity and political division, can best advance the world's health.