Kissinger Chair

Kissinger Chair

The Henry A. Kissinger Chair pursues scholarship and dialogues on international politics, diplomacy, and national security policy.


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    This project is developing a comprehensive assessment of the geostrategic impact of evolving relations between these three pivotal countries and the implications for the United States.

  • NATO's Future

    The Kissinger Chair promotes dialogue and provides cross-cutting analysis in an effort to adapt the Atlantic Alliance to the changing global security environment

  • Afghan National Army Brig. Gen. Emam Nazar, 3rd Infantry Brigade commander, 201st Corps, ANA, and French Brig. Gen. Jean-Francois Hogard

    The Kissinger Chair is undertaking project-specific research on issues challenging transatlantic relations

  • U.S.-Turkey Strategic Initiative

    The U.S.-Turkey Strategic Initiative sought to advance constructive policy recommendations for energizing the U.S.-Turkey relationship.

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