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The Maghreb in Transition

Political, economic, and security trends in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

The Maghreb in Transition

While the Maghreb has long been at the margins of U.S. policy in the Middle East and North Africa, trends in this region increasingly reverberate throughout the Middle East. In this new environment, developments in the Maghreb will continue to have an impact both on the broader Middle East and on U.S. interests. The Middle East Program examines changing political, economic, and security trends in the Maghreb—defined here as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya—through  original research and analysis and by convening events that highlight issues of importance in the Maghreb to business and policymaking audiences.


Recent Publications


Religious Radicalism after the Arab Uprisings

In the Middle East, conflicts that many thought were coming to an end will continue, as will the dynamism and innovation that have emerged among radical and opposition groups.

The Struggle for Religious Identity in Tunisia and the Maghreb

Defining religious identity in the Maghreb has become an urgent challenge for governments fighting violent extremism. Nowhere is the battle as intense as in Tunisia, which is struggling to reshape its religious identity after more than a half century of state-imposed secularism.

Morocco's African Future

Sub-Saharan Africa is increasingly vital to Morocco’s future economic growth and security. Morocco has pursued a soft power strategy in Africa for over a decade, but regional and global dynamics create a new urgency for Morocco to diversify its economic ties, boost multilateral security cooperation, and play a more active diplomatic role.




Video: Extremism in North Africa and the Sahara

After years of striking mostly local targets, militant groups have emerged from the Sahara desert to become a strategic threat to all of North Africa. The resurgence of Al Qaeda and affiliated groups comes at a time when some regional governments are weaker than ever in the wake of the Arab Awakening. The organization and its affiliates will likely shape regional security in the years to come.

Podcast: GCC-Maghreb Relations in a Changing Regional Order

Arab Gulf leaders are making clear the strategic importance they attach to North Africa through offers of aid and investment. But while Gulf leaders want to shape developments in the Maghreb, it is unclear what real political impact their actions have beyond affecting public perceptions.

Podcast: Morocco's Rediscovery of Africa

Morocco is paying increasing attention to sub-Saharan Africa. Prospects for increased economic ties between the two are positive, but there are several obstacles to Morocco’s efforts to carve out a more influential diplomatic and security role in Africa.