Pacific Forum CSIS

Pacific Forum CSIS

The Pacific Forum CSIS provides timely, informative, and innovative analysis of political, security, and strategic developments in the Asia-Pacific region.


Based in Honolulu, the Pacific Forum CSIS ( is a nonprofit, private, foreign policy research institute focused on the Asia-Pacific that is a subsidiary of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, headquartered in Washington, DC. Founded in 1975, the Pacific Forum collaborates with a broad network of research institutes from around the Pacific Rim, drawing on Asian perspectives and disseminating project findings and recommendations to global leaders, governments, and members of the public throughout the region.

The Forum’s programs encompass current and emerging political, security, economic, business, and oceans policy issues and works to help stimulate cooperative policies in the Asia Pacific region through analysis and dialogue undertaken with the region’s leaders in the academic, government, and corporate areas. We regularly cosponsor conferences with institutes throughout Asia to facilitate nongovernmental institution building as well as to foster cross-fertilization of ideas.

Pacific Forum is guided by an honorary 38-member international Board of Governors co-chaired by Richard L. Armitage, President of Armitage International and former US Deputy Secretary of State; and Dr. Joseph S. Nye, Jr., former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.

Our Vision
The Pacific Forum envisions an Asia-Pacific region where all states contribute to peace and stability and all people enjoy security, prosperity, and human dignity while governed by the rule of law.

Our Mission
To enhance mutual understanding and trust, promote sustainable cooperative solutions to common challenges, mitigate conflicts, and contribute to peace and stability in the Asia Pacific, the Pacific Forum CSIS conducts policy-relevant research and promotes dialogue in the Asia-Pacific region through a network of bilateral and multilateral relationships on a comprehensive set of economic, security, and foreign policy issues. The Pacific Forum’s analysis and policy recommendations are aimed at creating positive change within and among the nations of the Asia Pacific and beyond.

  • Hawaii Asia-Pacific Affairs Leadership Program

    The Hawaii Asia-Pacific Affairs Leadership Program will help the next generation of Hawaii’s business, government, and community leaders develop a solid knowledge base of the major political, economic, and security issues in the Asia Pacific and to think critically and strategically about Hawaii’s role in the region.

  • Comparative Connections

    Comparative Connections provides a timely, concise, and comprehensive source of information and analysis on key East Asian bilateral relationships.

  • Issues & Insights

    Consists of in-depth analyses covering a wide range of topics and serving as a vehicle for providing summaries of Pacific Forum workshops and conferences, along with associated papers.

  • Kelly Fellows

    The James A. Kelly Korean Studies/Fellowship Program will promote academic study, research, and professional career paths focused on Korean Peninsula studies by young Kelly Fellows.

  • The Pacific Forum CSIS is offering a visiting fellowship to a young professional to work on its nonproliferation and nuclear security programs.

  • PacNet Newsletter

    A weekly publication generated from a network of policy research institutes designed to facilitate communication on timely events in the region and to serve as a vehicle for sharing research results and analyses.

  • The Pacific Forum CSIS with generous support from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation has established the SPF Fellowship Program to nurture the next generation of specialists who will be committed to broadening and strengthening the US-Japan alliance.

  • The Lloyd and Lilian Vasey Fellowship Program provides great opportunity to the community of young, promising Asian scholars to develop hands-on expertise in U.S.-Asia policy issues.

  • Through the generous support of the Worldwide Support for Development and its chairman, Dr. Handa Haruhisha, the Pacific Forum presents the WSD-Handa Fellowship to help young East Asian, US, and European scholars and professionals obtain the knowledge and skills that will define them as they grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

  • The Young Leaders Program serves as a catalyst for training young professionals in international policy affairs at an early juncture in their careers.


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