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Africa Program

Completed projects, past events, and publications from the CSIS Africa Program

  • Photo Courtesy of Mandelas from http://www.nelsonmandelas.com/images/categories/public/nelson-mandela-suit.jpg

    A collection of historic CSIS Africa Program publications concerning U.S.-Africa relations from 1982-2006

  • Resources on U.S. policy towards Africa 

  • Doctor Treating African Child

    The Africa Program considers how U.S. policymakers can address Africa's immense health challenges and strengthen the long-term capacity of African governments to provide effective treatment to citizens.

  • Africa \flickr\ http://www.flickr.com/photos/scallop_holden/2217941868/

    An ongoing interview series conducted by the CSIS Africa Program on issues concerning the region.

  • An event series highlighting innovative methods for attracting investment and overcoming barriers in Africa.

  • Online Africa Policy Forum

    The Online Africa Policy Forum publishes essays on significant Africa policy topics.

  • Chinese Leader in Africa

    Analysis of the implications of China's engagement in Africa for the United States and Africa.