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The Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) aims to build and sustain a networked community of young nuclear experts from the military, national laboratories, industry, academia, and policy communities.

About the Project on Nuclear Issues

Addressing the complex array of nuclear weapons challenges will require a solid foundation of expertise across numerous sectors. Because most of these challenges are long-term, the Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) aims to build and sustain a vibrant community of young nuclear experts from the military, national laboratories, industry, academia, and the policy community. To that end, PONI maintains an enterprise-wide membership base, hosts four major conferences and several smaller events each year, including Live Debates and the PONI Speaker Series, runs the Nuclear Scholars Initiative for young experts, maintains an online forum and blog, organizes international exchanges involving young experts from the United States and abroad, and distributes daily news and regular event announcements to members.

PONI has three primary objectives.

1. To build and sustain a networked community of young nuclear experts from across the nuclear enterprise, including in the laboratories, military, industry, academia, and policy world.

2. To help develop the next generation of leaders with both the necessary subject matter expertise and the professional skills to be effective in shaping and implementing policy.

3. To mobilize the wide-ranging nuclear expertise within its membership ranks to generate new ideas and advance the public debate on all issues concerning nuclear weapons. 

There are over 1,800 PONI members and affiliated programs in the UK and France. Membership is open to anyone working in the nuclear field or studying nuclear weapons issues. Members receive a periodic newsletter containing updates on activities, invitations to PONI events and conferences, and access to members-only forums and job boards. Visit the PONI Membership page for more information about the community or click here to go directly to the application. 

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  • PONI Debates the Issues

    This blog pushes the nuclear debate forward with daily posts, original contributions by members, and guest commentary from senior experts.

  • Conference Series

    Each year PONI hosts four conferences that bring together people from across the nuclear enterprise to discuss a range of nuclear issues.

  • PDI Live Debates Series

    The debate series, an extension of the PDI blog, features top experts debating controversial nuclear issues one-on-one.

  • Nuclear Policy News

    The PONI Debates the Issues "Nuclear Policy News" features a daily compilation of nuclear news organized by subject. 

  • Nuclear Scholars Initiative

    Brings a select group of graduate students and young professionals to CSIS for a program consisting of six daylong workshops with senior experts from the field.

  • Reference Desk

    The PONI Reference Desk is dedicated to keeping an informative and up to date catalogue of relevant nuclear information.

  • The START Ratification Debate Guide

    An overview of the New START ratification debate, arguments for and against.

  • Nuclear Notes

    A semi-annual publication that features analyses of current issues and which aims to provide innovative solutions to nuclear policy challenges. 

  • World Map

    PONI is undertaking efforts to engage young nuclear experts in other countries around the world.

  • The Next Generation Working Group

    Informing and influencing the next steps in U.S.-Russia arms control.

  • U.S.-UK Nuclear Cooperation After 50 Years

    CSIS commemorated the 50th anniversary of nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and U.K. with a volume of selected essays and oral histories.

  • Submarine

    This project provides interested parties with a searchable database of all the major nuclear reports of the last 18 months based on a taxonomy created by the project to capture the key relationships between various aspects of nuclear policy.


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