Russia Balance Sheet Speaker Series 2012

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Russia 2025

The RBS speaker series, hosted in Washington, D.C., brings some of Russia’s most insightful thought leaders and emerging political figures to discuss the core challenges for Russian foreign and domestic policies during the next presidential term and beyond.

The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) and the New Economic School (NES) are pleased to announce the launch of the 2012 Russia Balance Sheet Project Speaker Series, titled Emerging Russian Futures: Transformation or Stasis?. Over the past three years, the Russia Balance Sheet Project (RBS) has established itself as the top name for objective, data-driven analysis of the most pressing policy issues in Russia’s domestic social, economic, and political development, foreign and security policy, as well as U.S.-Russia relations.

These dialogues come at a critical time after the disputed December 2011 parliamentary elections when Russian society is possibly mobilizing to reform its  political system and demanding better governance, social welfare and services, and less corruption. It is precisely the multidisciplinary approach of RBS that is likely to yield the greatest insights about the nature and trajectory of this change. The community that RBS will work with includes the U.S. and Russian policy communities, leading corporate figures, and other stakeholders with an interest in improving U.S.-Russia ties. With the increased uncertainty of Putin’s transition back to the  presidency next year, there is a deep need to raise awareness in Washington of shifting and diverse perspectives of Russia’s socio-economic development, public opinion, and foreign and security policies and their implications for the future of  U.S.-Russia relations.

In the near term, we expect that this speaker series will promote public education in U.S. policy circles about Russia as the US Congress prepares to consider the extension of permanent normal trade relations status (PNTR) to Russia as it accedes to the World Trade Organization.