Simon Chair in Political Economy

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The William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy, held by Matthew P. Goodman, examines current issues in international economic policy, with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific.

The William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy leads the Center’s work on global economic growth, governance, and statecraft, with a particular focus on the dynamic Asia-Pacific region. Under the direction of Matthew P. Goodman, the Chair explores a broad range of international economic policy questions, covering macroeconomics and finance, trade and investment, competitiveness, and resource issues. It also examines issues, actors, and institutions in global economic governance, including the role of the G-20, institution building in the Asia Pacific, and evolving international economic rules and norms. And it looks at how governments craft foreign economic policy at a time when international relations are increasingly defined by the pursuit of economic might.

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    This series examines economic strategy both within and directed towards the Asia-Pacific, with a focus on the TPP, Chinese and Japanese economic reforms, and other regional developments.

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    This series highlights the essential role of economics in foreign policy and offers insights on how to strengthen international economic policymaking.

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    The Simon Chair’s newsletter, Global Economics Monthly, highlights the role of economics in foreign policy and recent developments in international economic institutions, the Asia-Pacific region, and the global economy.

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    A two-year research study to improve understanding of how the Chinese government makes and implements economic policy decisions, and to assess whether current policymakers have the ability to navigate the turbulent waters ahead.

  • Archive of work from the CSIS Simon Chair through January 2012.


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