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The Pacific Forum CSIS with generous support from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation has established the SPF Fellowship Program to nurture the next generation of specialists who will be committed to broadening and strengthening the US-Japan alliance.

Applications for the 2015-2016 SPF Resident Fellowship are now closed.

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In 2010, Pacific Forum CSIS and the Tokyo-based Sasakawa Peace Foundation established the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) Fellowship Program to nurture the next generation of leaders from Japan and the United States who are committed to broadening and strengthening the two countries’ alliance.

For more than 60 years, the Japan-US alliance has been essential to the security of both Japan and the United States and the larger Asia-Pacific region. While the alliance has made important progress in recent years, this vital bilateral relationship continues to face serious obstacles. In the face of evolving new security challenges, it is imperative that leaders in both countries, from all fields, find concrete ways to strengthen and deepen our cooperation.

The SPF Fellowships are designed to engage the next generation of leaders in the US and Japan on innovative bilateral security initiatives. By bringing fresh voices and perspectives to the table, Pacific Forum CSIS and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation are seeking to energize the alliance for the years ahead.  Emerging and established experts under the age of 40 from all sectors are invited to apply.

Resident Fellowships
Each year, a committee of recognized US-Japan experts selects one Japanese and one US citizen from a highly competitive applicant pool to hold a residential SPF Fellowship at Pacific Forum’s office in Honolulu. Resident SPF Fellows conduct a self-directed research project on an issue that relates to either existing or potential US-Japan cooperation.  The article will then be published in a refereed journal or the Pacific Forum’s Issues and Insights monograph series. The US Fellow will spend up to six weeks in Tokyo and the Japanese fellow will spend up to six weeks in Washington, DC, to conduct interviews and research necessary for their research project.

Resident fellows are active participants in Pacific Forum’s globally recognized Young Leaders Program and will have the opportunity to attend relevant conferences and dialogues throughout the region under the program’s auspices. A monthly cost-of-living stipend is also provided.

Resident fellowship applications are accepted during a 45-day period once each year. For the 2015-2016 round, applications will open on Dec. 15, 2014 and close on March 1, 2015. We encourage candidates to submit their application materials as early as possible, in case there are any issues with your submission. For more information on the resident SPF Fellowships, including application information, click here.

Non-resident fellowships
Pacific Forum CSIS and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation also offer 10-15 non-resident SPF Fellowships,  tailored to those whose professional or academic commitments prevent them from committing to six months in Honolulu. Non-resident SPF Fellows are accepted for a one-year period and are able to participate in one to two Young Leaders conferences relevant to their research agenda each year. No cost-of-living stipend is provided, however costs and fees associated with Young Leaders Program participation is covered by Pacific Forum and the SPF Fellowship. For more information on non-resident SPF Fellowships, including application information, click here.

Eligibility criteria
For both resident and non-resident SPF Fellows, we encourage those who meet the following eligibility criteria to apply:

  • PhD or master’s degree with relevant work experience
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Expertise in a security-related field
  • Late 20s to 30s
  • Hold either US or Japan citizenship

While we welcome candidates who have backgrounds in international relations, foreign policy, and defense and security studies, we also encourage those who come from outside these sectors to apply.

For all program inquiries, please contact Brooke Mizuno at or +1 (808) 521-6745.

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