Strategic Technologies Program

Strategic Technologies Program

The CSIS Strategic Technologies Program studies the interaction between public policy, technological change, and innovation.


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    The Strategic Technologies Program tracks new developments in cybersecurity, creates policy recommendations, and interfaces between the private and public sectors to incorporate policy into workable solutions for threats. By closely following cybersecurity issues, the Strategic Technologies Program aims to provide expert analysis and strategic policy recommendations.

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    Deterrence was the linchpin of U.S. strategy for decades, but the context for deterrence has changed markedly. Instead of a single, near-peer opponent, the U.S. faces an array of possible attackers with differing capabilities and tolerances for risk. In this new context, we need to reconsider how useful deterrence can be as an effective guide for policy.

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    In our interconnected world Intelligence is critical; supporting missions from cyber-espionage to counter-terrorism.  The Strategic Technologies Program examines the relationship between technological innovation and intelligence systems such as signals intelligence and national technical means.

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    Due to the pace of technological change, space policy faces new issues that impact US national security. The Strategic Technologies Program strives to advance the understanding of space policy in a new strategic environment.

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    New technologies will determine how future conflicts are fought and won. The Strategic Technologies program will examine the nexus between technologies with defense applications and emerging challenges to combat effectiveness.

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    Technology evolves at a rapid clip and is changing aspects of society from national security to our daily lives.  The Strategic Technologies Program aims to understand how technology and innovation is transforming the world we live in.

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    The CSIS Strategic Technologies Podcast Series features candid interviews with leaders and experts in the fields of cybersecurity, internet governance, space policy, and intelligence.

  • Turing’s Razor, the CSIS Strategic Technologies Program blog, brings together leading voices at the vanguard of public policy, technological change, and innovation.

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