Transnational Threats Project

Transnational Threats Project

The Transnational Threats Project assesses terror, insurgent, and criminal networks and the impact of government responses through targeted field work and an extensive network of specialists.

Terror, insurgent, and criminal networks are the focus of the Transnational Threats Project (TNT). TNT assesses these threats and the impact of government responses to them through targeted field work and an extensive network of specialists from government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector.

TNT’s work is highly valued by intelligence analysts, policymakers, and leaders seeking to understand and thwart transnational threats.

Transnational terrorism and insurgent groups will continue to evolve in the years ahead, and TNT endeavors to stay abreast of these developments in order to advise key players in the counter-terrorism and international security community in support of their mission.

Meanwhile, international criminal organizations remain an intractable problem. Problems with human trafficking, illicit trade in narcotics and weapons, and wildlife poaching are increasingly converging with ideologically-motivated networks, fostering a new generation of hybrid threats. Understanding and responding to this complex and dynamic environment has proven a difficult challenge for governments and institutions around the world.

To help governments understand this convoluted landscape, TNT has organized and tapped some of the world’s top subject-matter experts. This has been achieved primarily through TNT’s two Trusted Information Networks, which generated important perspectives on transnational threats in Europe and Southeast Asia. Additional TNT fieldwork, research, and analysis has shed new light on Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas, parts of Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Sahel.

National and international media frequently seek comment from TNT on these subjects. TNT also briefs dozens of ranking intelligence, law enforcement, and other government officials, as well as thought leaders from academia and NGOs from all over the globe.

TNT is led by Director and Senior Fellow, Tom Sanderson. Caleb Johnson is TNT’s associate director. Judge William H. Webster, former CIA and FBI director, chairs a high-level TNT steering committee of past ranking intelligence, law enforcement, public sector, and private sector leaders. Advisers to the TNT project also include John MacGaffin, former Associate Deputy Director for Operations at the CIA and former senior advisor to the Director of the FBI; Juan Zarate, Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism; and Jeff Jonas, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist of IBM’s Entity Analytic Solutions.

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