U.S. Policy towards Africa

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Resources on U.S. policy towards Africa

U.S. foreign policy in Africa is the overarching research focus of the CSIS Africa Program. While all of our studies seek to educate and inform U.S. policymakers, these resources explicitly address U.S. policy.

  • President Bush in Africa

    A CSIS publication, U.S. Africa Policy beyond the Bush Years, assesses the Bush administration’s Africa policies and provides recommendations to the Obama administration.

  • Lagos Nigeria - Photo courtesy of Glenna Gordon http://www.glennagordon.com/ based in Monrovia, Liberia

    The Africa Program seeks to highlight opportunities and challenges for the U.S. relationship with Nigeria, and develop ideas for strengthening the partnership for the mutual benefit of both countries.

  • African Energy Exploration

    The Africa Program addresses how the United States can engage African energy producers to ensure support for stability, transparency, and good governance as they manage and develop their resources.