Global Trends and Forecasting

  • The Brzezinski Institute examines the unique interaction of history, geography, and strategy, with a goal of developing policy-relevant analysis and recommendations.

  • CBS News' Bob Schieffer hosts monthly dialogues on public policy and the media.

  • The CSIS Federated Defense Project aims to develop actionable recommendations for integrating U.S., allied, and partner capabilities into regional defense architectures that advance common interests.

  • A forum on the top challenges facing U.S. and global security.

  • A partnership between CSIS and Chevron to explore new thinking on development with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and market-driven economic growth.

  • An ongoing research effort to identify and analyze the most important trends shaping our world out to the year 2035.

  • Promoting excellence in journalism through the development of an expanding network of media representatives from both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Assessing terror, insurgent, and criminal networks and government responses through targeted field work and an extensive network of specialists.