Turkey’s Top Foreign Trading Partners, 1999-2008

The total volume of Turkey's foreign trade has increased nearly 500% over the past 10 years, from $67 million to $334 million. The increase, however, has not been uniformly distributed among Turkey’s top trading partners. Growth in trade with Russia, for example, has outpaced growth in trade with the U.S. Use the charts below to view two interactive motion charts illustrating the development of Turkey’s foreign trade over the past ten years.

Turkish Trade Motion Graph

The bubble chart tracks Turkey’s trade volume with each partner by import (y-axis) and export (x-axis). Each trading partner is represented by a separate ‘bubble,’ the size of which indicates the bilateral trade as a percentage of Turkey’s total trade volume. Use thel link below or click on the chart to view its full interactivity.  When viewing the chart, double-click on a bubble to track developments over time.

Turkish Trade Bar Graph

The bar chart ranks Turkey’s top trading partners over time, the farthest to the left being the country whose bilateral trade represents the highest percentage of Turkey’s total trade. Press the ‘play’ button on each chart to watch the change over time.

All statistical information from the Turkish Statistical Institute and is available at turkstat.gov.tr

This trade data can be seen online using Google Spreadsheets at http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pbXY3Rhjkhmji3gKPDrQFIQ&gid=1.