About Us

Founded in 1975 by Admiral Lloyd R. Vasey and based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Pacific Forum CSIS is a nonprofit, private, foreign-policy research institute that operates as the Asia-Pacific arm of the Center for Strategic and International Studies of Washington, D.C. The Pacific Forum stimulates cooperative policies throughout the Pacific Rim through debate and analyses undertaken with the region’s leaders in the academic, government, and corporate arenas.

Through collaborative efforts with an extensive network of research institutes around the Pacific Rim, the Pacific Forum draws on Asian perspectives and disseminates its projects' findings and recommendations to opinion leaders, governments, and publics through an active outreach program.

The forum is guided by an international Board of Governors co- chaired by Richard L. Armitage, President of Armitage International and former US Deputy Secretary of State; and Dr. Joseph S. Nye, Jr., former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.