Pacific Forum CSIS has five fellowship programs.  Applicants who apply for resident fellowships will automatically be considered for nonresident positions.  All resident fellowships offer stipends while nonresident fellows do not receive stipends.

Fellowship Duties

Pacific Forum CSIS senior staff will provide guidance and consultation for fellows as they conduct their research.  The final product will be of quality to be submitted to a refereed journal or be published in the Pacific Forum Issues & Insights series (http://csis.org/program/issues-insights).  In addition to their research, fellows will support other Pacific Forum CSIS research programs and activities including:

Attending HIF (Honolulu International Forum) meetings
This is an exclusive breakfast meeting held once every 1~3 months that features senior security experts and includes a number of Pacific Forum’s biggest local supporters.

Taking initiative during Young Leader programs
Fellows will receive priority over 600 Young Leader candidates worldwide to attend relevant conferences.  This privilege comes with high expectations to display leadership during and after the YL conferences.

2015 Fellowship Application Due Dates
Kelly Fellowship - RESIDENT February 16, 2015***CLOSED
WSD-Handa Fellowship - RESIDENT March, 1, 2015***CLOSED
Sasakawa Peace Foundation Fellowship - RESIDENT March 31, 2015***CLOSED
Vasey Fellowship - RESIDENT May 1, 2015
Kelly Fellowship - NON-RESIDENT January 15, April 15, October 15
WSD-Handa Fellowship - NON-RESIDENT January 15, April 15, October 15
Korea Foundation Fellowship - RESIDENT/NON-RESIDENT Tenative for Summer 2015
Sasakawa Peace Foundation Fellowship - RESIDENT Limted Openings/Closed