Comparative Connections v.14 n.2 - East Asia-US Relations

  • A Year of Notable Visits and Anniversaries
    Jan 14, 2013

    India’s relations with the US and East Asia revolved around notable visits and anniversaries rather than any major policy developments in 2012. These visits and anniversaries should not be dismissed as symbolism without substance. India has achieved a modicum of satisfaction in its relations with the US and East Asia – encompassing greater diplomatic interchange, steadily rising though far from optimum economic ties, a role in security and military considerations, and inclusion in some if not all key regional multilateral efforts. But measured against just two decades ago when India was seen as a potential security threat, economically irrelevant, diplomatically isolated, and reeling from internal crises, India’s current engagement should be viewed as an upward if unfulfilled progression. Indeed, many in the Asia-Pacific region are frustrated because they want more, not less Indian engagement.