Comparative Connections v.14 n.3 - Japan-China

  • 40th Anniversary: Fuggetaboutit!
    Jan 14, 2013

    The Japanese government’s purchase of three of the Senkaku Islands from their private owner and the sovereignty dispute over the maritime space around them dominated relations. In short order after the purchase, anti-Japanese riots broke out across China, events scheduled to mark the 40th anniversary of normalization of relations were canceled, trade and investment plummeted, and political leaders engaged in public disputations. To underscore Beijing’s claims, Chinese government ships regularized incursions into Japan’s contiguous zone and territorial waters near the islands. As both governments held fast to their respective national positions, prospects for resolution appeared dim. Prime Minister-designate Abe Shinzo told a press conference in mid-December that there was “no room for negotiations” on the Senkakus.