Comparative Connections v.9 n.1 - China-Russia Relations

  • Russia Says "No" to the West, and "Sort of" to China
    Apr 11, 2007

    The Russian-China strategic partnership moved to high gear toward the end of the quarter as Russia kicked off its “Year of China.” This coincided with President Hu Jintao’s state visit to Russia on March 26-28. Putin and Hu were facing global dynamics, dilemmas, and growing dangers. The two heads of state apparently had a serious and satisfactory meeting that focused on regional and world affairs. During the Moscow Summit, both the Chinese media and President Hu called for the two states to “upgrade” bilateral ties. There was, however, a rather paradoxical mist in the festival air. Moscow decided to expel a million non-Russian “illegal” vendors, about 90 percent of whom were ethnic Chinese. Meanwhile, the two Eurasian powers closely coordinated to soft-land the Korean nuclear crisis as well as to postpone and prepare for, the upcoming storm regarding Iran.