Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction

  • The Birth of a Regional Nuclear Arms Race
    Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Sep 18, 2009

    Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Birth of a Regional Nuclear Arms Race? is an expert, insider’s look at Iran’s current and potential ability to wage both conventional and asymmetrical warfare—and the options available for dealing with a nuclear Iran.

    Are we on the brink of a regional nuclear arms race in the Middle East? In this important volume, Anthony Cordesman and Adam Seitz examine how Iran's nuclear ambitions have already altered security policy for the United States, Iran's neighbors, and the international community. Cordesman and Seitz address the full range of issues related to Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, including its emphasis on medium- and long-range missiles, the decline of Iran's conventional military capabilities, and the continued Iranian efforts to undercut the spread of democracy in the region.

    The volume includes hypothetical studies outlining the possible effects of specific nuclear, chemical, or biological attacks by Iran. In addition, it is illustrated with tables and graphs that provide a quantitative and qualitative look at Iran's conventional and asymmetric warfighting capabilities and at the progress of Iran's nuclear and missile programs.

    Publisher Praeger Publishers
    ISBN 978-0-313-38088-4 (HB)

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