Nuclear Scholars Initiative

  • A Collection of Papers from the 2012 Nuclear Scholars Initiative
    Contributor: Michael Albertson, Michaela Bendikova, Andrea Berger, Sarah Bilson, Alexander Bollfrass, Jeffrey Boulware, Matthew Cottee, Sarah Cross, Christopher Diller, Patrick Disney, Christine Egnatuk, Madeleine Foley, Stephen Herzog, Karen Hogue, Michael Johnson, James Mazol, Emily Sauders, David Vielhaber, Tristan Volpe
    Oct 17, 2012

    The 2012 Nuclear Scholars Initiative featured an outstanding class of 21 graduate students and young professionals from across the United States, as well as one from the United Kingdom. Together, they participated in six monthly workshops that covered various aspects of U.S. nuclear weapons policy. Sessions focused on the Nuclear Posture Reviews, deterrence and stability, nuclear modernization and arms control, nonproliferation and nuclear security, and nuclear targeting. The program culminated in a final meeting, at which the scholars presented their own research, the results of which are contained in this year’s volume.

    Publisher CSIS