Obama’s Second Term: “India is a big part of my plans”

  • U.S. - India Insight: January 2013
    Photo Courtesy of Nicholas R. Lombardo
    Jan 18, 2013

    As President Obama assembles his new team, there is growing consensus within the Washington and New Delhi policy communities that the most fruitful areas to deepen the U.S.-India partnership reside in our economic and trade relations, security and defense ties, and collaboration on regional challenges.

    With this in mind, in this issue of U.S.-India Insight, four concrete proposals are offered to advance our shared priorities, namely the establishment of a detailed “New Framework for U.S.-India Economic Cooperation;” the launching of a U.S.-India Job Creation and Skills Building initiative; the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on defense coproduction and coproduction; and the pursuit of a six-power regional initiative for Afghanistan.

    Lastly, we recommend that one other part of President Obama’s second term “plans” should be a second visit to India, an opportunity to build on his successful visit of November 2010 and to mark a historic first in U.S.-India relations: the first time an American president has traveled to India twice while in office.