The Washington Quarterly
Syria After Assad
Re-examining China-U.S. Interdependence TWQ Top 10

The South China Sea: Oil, Maritime Claims, and US-China Strategic Rivalry
Leszek Buszynski, Spring 2012

Reassessing the All-Volunteer Force
Karl W. Eikenberry, Winter 2013

China's Free Trade Agreement Strategies
Guoyou Song and Wen Jin Yuan, Fall 2012

Rebalancing to Asia with an Insecure China
Ely Ratner, Spring 2013

The Pakistan Thorn in China-India-U.S. Relations
Harsh V. Pant, Winter 2012

How to Deter Terrorism
Matthew Kroenig and Barry Pavel, Spring 2012

Russian Foreign Policy: Continuity in Change
Andrew C. Kuchins and Igor A. Zevelev, Winter 2012

Why China Will Democratize
Yu Liu and Dingding Chen, Winter 2012

China's Geostrategic Search for Oil
John Lee, Summer 2012

Keeping Hamas and Hezbollah Out of a War with Iran
Rafael D. Frankel, Fall 2012

Provocations Washington Watch

Behind the Headlines

The Risks of Ignoring Strategic Insolvency
Michael J. Mazarr (published Fall 2012)

The Demise of Ares: The End of War as We Know It?
Bruno Tertrais (published Summer 2012)

Coping with a Conflicted China
David Shambaugh (published Winter 2011)

Reassessing China: Awaiting Xi Jinping
William H. Overholt(published Spring 2012)

The South China Sea: Strategic Rivalry
Leszek Buszynski (published Spring 2012)

Rebalancing to Asia with an Insecure China
Ely Ratner (published Spring 2013)

The Sum of All Fears: Israel's Perception of a Nuclear-Armed Iran
Ehud Eiran and Martin B. Malin (published Summer 2013)

R2P After Libya and Syria: Engaging Emerging Powers
Ramesh Thakur (published Spring 2013)

TWQ Books

Reshaping Rogue States

Reshaping Rogue States
Preemption, Regime Change, and US Policy toward Iran, Iraq, and North Korea
Global Powers in 21st Century
Global Powers in the 21st Century
The Politics, Power, and Visions of China, Europe, India, Japan, and Russia

The Epicenter of Crisis: The New Middle East

The Epicenter of Crisis: The New Middle East
Examining Six Critical Countries in a Changed World
  The Battle for Hearts and Minds The Battle for Hearts and Minds
Using Soft Power to Undermine Terrorist Networks
What Does the World Want from America? What Does the World Want from America?
International Perspectives on U.S. Foreign Policy
Contemporary Nuclear Debates Contemporary Nuclear Debates
Missile Defense, Arms Control, and Arms Races in the Twenty-First Century