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Oct 3, 2013

The PONI Debates the Issues blog is now hosted on the PONI Forum, a social networking site for PONI members to connect and discuss nuclear issues.  Please follow this link to access the new blog, or click the "PONI Debates the Issues Blog" link on the left-hand menu. 

Nuclear Policy News - September 30, 2013

Sep 30, 2013
China ban on items for nuclear use to North Korea may stall arms bid
Iran’s foreign minister says nuclear enrichment is not negotiable
Uneasy Arab states in Persian Gulf watch US-Iran overtures from sidelines
Kerry sees potential for quick Iran nuclear deal
How much for a nuclear deterrent?

Nuclear Policy News - September 27, 2013

Sep 27, 2013
Iraq ratifies nuclear test ban treaty
Nawaz calls for renewing global consensus on nuclear disarmament
China hopes U.S., N. Korea to hold direct talks on nuclear standoff
Iran’s Rouhani: Israel should sign non-nuclear treaty
Entanglement of tactical nuclear weapons in South Asia

Nuclear Policy News - September 26th, 2013

Sep 26, 2013


Former U.S. envoy on N. Korea meets N. Korean official in Berlin
Iran seeks 'phased actions' in nuclear talks
RIP, Megatons for Megawatts
IAEA foresees continued growth in nuclear capacity
The U.S. Should Cut Its Nuclear Arsenal Before Sequester Does

Nuclear Policy News - September 25, 2013

Sep 25, 2013
North Korea progress is outpacing sanctions, experts warn
Iran’s Rouhani calls for ‘consistent voice’ from U.S. on nuclear issue
Israel bleak about US-Iran rapprochement at UN Summit
China tightens nuclear sanctions against North Korea
Talking to Tehran makes sense

Nuclear Policy News - September 24th, 2013

Sep 24, 2013


North Korea 'has technology to build uranium-based nuclear bombs'
Israel sceptical about easing of pressure on Iran to halt nuclear programme
Ahead of UN Summit, Hopes for an India-Pakistan Meeting
VOA News
Kerry, Iran's foreign minister to meet at U.N.
Here's the Deal the U.S. and Iran Should Make Right Now

Nuclear Policy News - September 23, 2013

Sep 23, 2013
US experts: North Korean scientists are mastering domestic production of key nuke components
Would Ed Miliband trade our nuclear arsenal for the keys to Downing Street?
Iran’s Nuclear Program ‘quite advanced’
Israel’s rearguard battle for nuclear ambiguity
Syria shows only decisive use of US force is unacceptable

Nuclear Policy News - September 20, 2013

Sep 20, 2013
North Korea’s nuclear envoys return home from China
Iran president blames Israel for ‘instability’, calls for Peace
Software update keeps B-25 at forefront of bomber fleet
US, Britain must rethink nuclear strategy
No time left for negotiations with Iran: Israeli nuclear minister

Nuclear Policy News - September 19th, 2013

Sep 19, 2013


N. Korean Call for New Nuclear Talks Prompts Wary US Response
Rouhani says Iran not working for nuclear bomb and he has "full power" to negotiate with U.S.
Following Agni 5 Success India Plans Longer-Range Missile
Generals speak to importance, relevancy of nuclear enterprise
Let’s Be Honest About Israel’s Nukes
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