Comparative Connections v.14 n.1

  • May 14, 2012

    • Regional Overview: At a Time of Uncertainty, Count on North Korea, by Ralph A. Cossa and Brad Glosserman
    • US-Japan Relations: Back to Normal? by Michael J. Green and Nicholas Szechenyi
    • US-China Relations: Xi Visit Steadies Ties; Dissident Creates Tension, by Bonnie Glaser and Brittany Billingsley
    • US-Korea Relations: North Korea’s Rocket Launch, by Victor Cha and Ellen Kim
    • US-Southeast Asia Relations: Conflict in the East; Opportunity in the West, by Sheldon Simon
    • China-Southeast Asia Relations: Hu Visits Cambodia as South China Sea Simmers, by Robert Sutter and Chin-Hao Huang
    • China-Taiwan Relations: Post-Election Continuity, by David G. Brown
    • North Korea-South Korea Relations: Plumbing the Depths, by Aidan Foster-Carter
    • China-Korea Relations: China’s Post-Kim Jong Il Debate, by Scott Snyder and See-won Byun
    • Japan-China Relations: Happy 40th Anniversary, by James J. Przystup
    • Japan-Korea Relations: Sisyphus, by David Kang and Jiun Bang
    • China-Russia Relations: Succession, Syria…and the Search for Putin’s Soul, by Yu Bin

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