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The CSIS Energy and National Security Program offers leading research on emerging energy issues and delivers insightful independent analyses that both educates and drives effective policy.

Program Overview

The CSIS Energy and National Security Program is a leader in understanding the shifting global and domestic energy landscape. Forward-thinking energy policy should  balance economic, environmental, and security priorities against market and geopolitical uncertainties. Through its collaboration with leaders in industry, government, academia, and nonprofits, the CSIS Energy and National Security Program identifies new energy trends and helps to illuminate the opportunities and challenges that we expect to confront policymakers and industry players in the coming years. The team is comprised of scholars with a wide range of professional experience in the private and public sectors as well as firsthand regional expertise, who work together to formulate innovative yet pragmatic policy recommendations.

In addition to its ongoing analysis of regional and global energy market trends, the Energy team is completing several initiatives for 2014. Following the surge in U.S. unconventional oil and gas production, the Program is taking an in-depth look at how the state of North American oil and gas infrastructure may present new challenges which could impact the current boom in unconventionals.  A second focus is to understand the geostrategic impacts of U.S. unconventional oil and gas production and how the accessibility of this massive new resource may be altering the global energy map. Additionally, the Energy Program will continue to examine the climate change and sustainability discussions, through such topics as resiliency, clean energy, the role of technology, and water-energy issues.

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